Communication University of China
Computer Networks
Spring 2016
Supported by Bilingual Distinctive Course Project of CUC
Learn how net works
General Information
Semester: Spring, 2016
Class Hour:
THU 13:30-16:30
Class Room:48#807
Lab Hour:
TUE 13:30-15:10
Lab Room:48#A202
Instructor : Lin Weiguo
TA : N/A
Office:LabBuilding 502
Computer Basics
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  Class Resources
Description : textbooks, topics covered etc.
Lectures : slides of lectures in PDF formats.
Labs : WireShark Labs
Homework : around 8 homework will be assigned.
Java Applets : protocol demo in Java applets
Important RFCs: : Important RFC References relevant to the course
Web Resources : Web resources from text book
Additional Resources : Additional Selective Resources
Optional Readings : Optional helpful readings: papers, websites.
Quizzes for review : class students only.
Projects : N/A
  What's New
Mar.3, Welcome to join the class.
Mar.10, Homework #1 assigned, Due Mar. 23, 2016 Wednesday.
Mar.17, Homework #2 assigned, Due Mar. 30, 2016 Wednesday.
Mar.31, Homework #3 assigned, Due Apr. 13, 2016 Wednesday.
Apr.21, Homework #4 assigned, Due May. 4, 2016 Wednesday.
Apr.26, Lab #1 assigned, due May.9, Monday.
Apr.26, Lab #2 assigned, due May.16, Monday.
May.16, Homework #5 assigned, Due Jun. 1, 2016 Wednesday.
May.16, Lab #3 assigned, due May.23, Monday.
May.24, Lab #4 assigned, due May.30, Monday.
May.16, Homework #6 assigned, Due Jun. 8, 2016 Wednesday.
May.24, Lab #6 with TCP assigned, due Jun.6, Monday.
Jun.7, Homework #7 assigned, Due Jun. 13, 2016 Monday.
Jun.16, Homework #8 assigned, Due Jun. 20, 2016 Monday.
  Important Information about the Homework

The class homework will be assigned week by week. If a student signs up late for this class, he/she is still required to turn all homework on time or he/she will receive a score of 0 for these assignments.
No exceptions!

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