Homework Assignments  
    Please note that the only allowed file formats for e-Submission are ASCII text, PDF, Word, HTML.  
   Lab Reports  
    Please note that the only allowed file formats for e-Submission are ASCII text, PDF, Word, HTML.

Note:  Lab Reports submission also follows similar e-submission rules introduced in next section.

  1. Download template file from Labs.
  2. Change file name to Student ID + Lab# + Student Name, ( where # is the lab number ), e.g. 200416013092-Lab1-ZhangSan.doc
  3. Mail the finished report file to instructor, the mail subject must be identical to the file name of the report.
  4. If there are requirements for some printouts when you are doing the lab, please install PDF995 and print to a PDF file,  and then you can attach the PDF files with your lab reports, or just paste the needed content from the PDF file into your lab report.
  Notes for Electronic submissions  
  • On Time Submission
    Late submissions will receive a score of zero. Due to clock skews, submissions will be accepted a few minutes after the specified deadlines. If your submission is more than 15 minutes late according to the timestamp with your email, your submission will be considered late. .
  • Email Submission
    When you are ready to submit it for grading, you must:

    [1].Create a compressed file containing all the source files needed for the homework using WinRAR (you can summit your file directly if there is only one file for the homework).
      The file name of your submission must be a combination of your Student ID, hw# ( where # is the assignment number ) and your name. e.g, your name is ZhangSan, student ID is 200416013092, you are submitting your 1st homework, the file name must be: 200416013092-hw1-ZhangSan.rar

    [2].Create a email to the instructor: forrest_lin@163.com and networks.cuc@gmail.com both.
      please note: the subject of the mail must be same as the file name of your submission exactly, no more no less.

    [3].Attach the homework file as an attachment.

    [4].Submit the homework by sending this mail out.

  Attention: Please submit your homework by your own email address only!