Homework #2
  Homework #2.
Due 11:45PM, Mar.30, 2016 Wednesday.
please answer the following problems for the chapter 2 of the text:
  1. What is the bandwidth? explain the relation between data rate and the bandwidth?
  2. A noiseless 4-kHz channel is sampled every 1 msec. What is the maximum data rate?
  3. Television channels are 6 MHz wide. How many bits/sec can be sent if four-level digital signals are used? Assume a noiseless channel.
  4. If a binary signal is sent over a 3-kHz channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is 20 dB, what is the maximum achievable data rate?
  5. Compare Circuit Switching and Packet Switching.
  6. What kind of Internet access service ( Dialup Modem, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem, Wireless or Ethernet ) are you currently using at your home?  tell me some characteristics (like monthly costs, bandwidth, quality of service) about this service
  7. What is the bit rate for each of the following signals?
    a) A signal in which 1 bit lasts 0.001 s
    b) A signal in which 1 bit lasts 2 ms
    c) A signal in which 10 bits last 20 μs
  8. A device is sending out data at the rate of 1000 bps
    a) How long does it take to send out 10 bits?
    b) How long does it take to send out a character(8 bits)?
    c) How long does it take to send a file of 100,000 characters
  Notes for Submission  
  You must follow the Electronic Submission Guidelines to submit HW2.
You can create your submission by doing the following for e-submission:
  • 1. Create a file containing your answers
  • 2. mail this file to classmail, name the mail subject according to the Guidelines