Homework #7
  Homework #7.
Due 11:45PM, Jun.13, 2016 Monday.
please answer the following problems for the chapter 7 of  the textbook:
  1. DNS uses UDP instead of TCP. If a DNS packet is lost, there is no automatic recovery. Does this cause a problem, and if so, how is it solved?
  2. Can a machine with a single DNS Name have multiple IP Address? How could this occur?
  3. Please draw a diagram to show the basic model of the browser/WebServer architecture, and explain how it works.
  4. The standard http URL assumes that the Web server is listening on port 80. However it is possible for a Web server to listen to some other ports. Devise a reasonable syntax for a URL accessing a file on a nonstandard port.
  5. Suppose you are using a computer in the CUC's campus network and want to visit a host machine which has a domain name of www.lenovo.com, please describe the possible DNS query process.
  6. When a user cliks on a hyperlink of a Web page, the browser carries out a series steps in order to fetch the page pointed to. Suppose that a user is browsing the Web and finds a link which is http://www.eecs.mit.edu/. Please give a brief introduction of the steps that occur when this link is selected.
  7. What is Cookie? how does it work? Can you find cookies that are stored on  your computer?
  8. Suppose a bank wants to make on-line banking easy for its lazy customers, so after a customer signs up and is authenticated by a password, the bank returns a cookie containing a customer ID number. In this way, the customer does not have to identify himself or type a password on future visits to the online bank. What do you think of this idea? Will it work? Is it a good idea?
  9. HTTP 1.1 supports persistent connections, explain how it works compared with that is in HTTP 1.0.
  10. What is the major difference between HTTP methods of GET and POST?


  Notes for Submission  
  You may submit  follow the Electronic Submission Guidelines to submit HW7.
You can create your submission by doing the following for e-submission:
  • 1. Create a file containing your answers
  • 2. mail this file to class mail address, name the mail subject according to the Guidelines