Welcome to the Advance Windows Network Programming class.

General Information

  • Semester: Fall 2015
  • InstructorLin Weiguo,    
  • Teaching Assistant: Lan Shunan
  • Class Room: 101A, Building 48
  • Class Hour: FRI. 10:10-12:00 (Week 2 - 16)


  • C++
  • Data Structure
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks

Course Description:

Welcome to Advanced Windows Network Programming.  This course is intended for graduate students majoring in Computer Science. The course covers main aspects of TCP/IP protocols, and Windows Sockets programming technique will be explored  in great scope and depth. Students will learn the principles of network programming and they will apply these principles to develop network applications. The learning emphasis will be on the practical aspect.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, you will have acquired an understanding of the principles of network programming and gain practical experience in developing network applications.



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Syllabus/Outline(Tentative, subject to change):

Part I Programming on Conceptual and Foundational Networking Issues
Unit 1 Ethernet Framing and Parsing
Unit 2 ARP and MAC address
Unit 3 IP traffic anylasis: Raw Socket
Unit 4 TraceRT and ICMP
Unit 5 IP V6 packet formatting and Addressing
Unit 6 TCP/UDP data sending
Part II Windows Sockets Programming
Unit 7 Client/Server Windows Sockets Programming
Unit 8 Windows Sockets programming I/O model
Unit 9 Application Protocols:Design and Implementation
Part III Final Project
Unit 10 RTSP,RTP


Assignments Point Value
 Participation   10%
 Assignment   50%
Final Project   40%
Total 100%

note: Your assignments are your own work! You are free to talk to other students about assignments but no actual material (files, photocopies etc.) should be shared. We will act harshly at any sign of copying.