Lab Project Assignments

Lab Project Report and Source Code Submission Guide:

  • You need to include the declaration form into the .cpp file which has the main() function.
  • You need to write a project report following the provided template file in MS word format(Demo1, Demo2). .
  • Under Visual Studio your Solution Directory, Delete *.ncb, debug and release.
  • Under Visual Studio your Project Directory, Delete Debug and Release
  • Compress all your project source codes into a single rar file named as a combination of your student ID, name, project number and date (e.g. 935200813xxxx-Zhangsan-PRJxx-20090920.rar).
  • Mail the compressed .rar file and the project report file to instructor ( & ), the mail subject must be identical to the .rar file name.
  • Please submit your project assignment from your own email box only!