Lecture slides and demo projects

Weeks Units Demo Projects
Week 2 (Sept.25) Intro. Ethernet Frame Analyzing and Parsing  FrameParser
Week 3 (Oct.2) National Holiday  
Week 4 (Oct. 9) ARP and MAC Address (using WinPcap) Trafficwatcher  ARPing
Week 5 (Oct.16) Multi-Threaded Windows Programming Demo Project
Week 6 (Oct.23) Object-Oriented Design and Software Engineering Goldfish  EtherFrame
Week 7 (Oct.30) IP and IP Helper Demo Project
Week 8 (Nov.6) ICMP and TraceRoute  
Week 9 (Nov.13) TCP and port scanning Demo Project Applied .. Ch09
Week 10 (Nov.20) Winsock - Getting Started
Week 11 (Nov.27) Winsock - Modern System Calls/Concurrent Server Demo 1,2,Ex28a,SDK
Week 12 (Dec.4) Winsock -I/O Multiplexing App Protocol Design: RFC 1350
Week 13 (Dec. 11) Winsock - MessageDriven/WSAAsyncSelect RTSP;RTP, RFC 3550, 3551
Week 14 (Dec. 18) RTSP,RTP/RTCP Test.mp3, Wireshark pCap
Week 15 (Dec. 25) Final Project
Week 16 (Jan. 1) New Year's Day